This 1982 debut album from the Descendents sticks in my memory like few others, mostly because it pretty much made it cool to be a nerd. It’s now common knowledge of course that the album title and cover refers to singer Milo Aukerman’s departure from the band to study biology at the University of California, San Diego (later receiving a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison).
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Supergroup This Mortal Coil, led by 4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell, holds a unique place in post-punk and dream pop history. Just like the assortment of innovative artists who made appearances on Blood (from Kim Deal to Tanya Donelly and more), 4AD’s passion for great album cover design continues to influence today.
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I wanted to follow up Eric’s inaugural post with another shoegeezer classic and offer a piece of advice.

The next time you put on Slowdive’s Just for a Day (in an obvious attempt to set the mood for a make-out session), whisper this little tidbit in your partner’s ear: “This album’s font is a variant of Caslon Bold, based on William Caslon I’s first English Old Style typefaces of 1725.”

You’ll thank us later.